Men with Dogs in Their Dating App Pics Are More Likely To Settle Down!

Must love dogs!

A new study has found men who pose with dogs in their dating app photos are more likely to be looking for a long-term relationship.



Researchers analyzed 750 dating profiles from both men and women, asking the respondents if they were looking for long-term relationships or short-term flings.



For men who were searching for something serious, an average of 8 in 10 had a dating app photo featuring a dog. In comparison, only 5 out of every 10 men looking for a fling were seen posing with a pup.



Researchers believe that the puppy pics subconsciously signal to single women that a man is trustworthy and responsible.



However, be warned ladies, in many cases, men borrow puppies that aren’t their own for the photograph — deceiving their dates into believing they’re dog dads.


Indeed, surveys have shown women are more likely to swipe on a man’s profile if he has a photo with a four-legged friend.



Sixty-three percent of respondents to a 2002 survey for a pet food brand “I and love and you” said having a cute pooch on their profile helped them get a match online.



Meanwhile, over a third (39 percent) of respondents said they swiped right because they wanted to meet the dog in someone’s profile more than they wanted to meet the person.