Men With These Features Are The Best In The Sack, Says New Survey

If your man an assassin in the sack?

According to a new survey, big beards and brown eyes are a game-changer in bed!


A survey was conducted by, which is a UK marketplace site, and they asked over 4,500 women to list the physical attributes of men they’ve had the “best” sex with.


Of those women, 73% said the guy with the facial hair was their best romp partner. 71% percent said that the best sex was with guys with brown eyes.

The women agreed that the bad boys, those with piercings and tattoos were also in the mix for the most satisfying sexual partners.


And apparently, size does matter!  53% of women said that their most skillful partners had small feet.


Guys deemed the worst lovers were those with big hands and bushy eyebrows.