Milk Chocolate Can Be Made Healthier By Adding These Two Things

Just add some peanut skins and coffee grounds for guilt-free pleasure!

We’ve heard that dark chocolate is the healthier choice if you’re craving some chocolate in general, but if you’re a milk chocolate kinda person- rejoice! 


The American Chemical Society says that according to a new study, milk chocolate can be made more healthy by adding peanut skins and coffee grounds.


By doing so, it will give the milk chocolate more antioxidants than its dark chocolate counterpart while still keeping the sweet silky flavour.

Peanut skins provide antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory benefits — after roasting. They are then ground down and added to the chocolate.  The same goes for coffee and tea grounds.  In order to make it healthier, you extract antioxidants and combine them with chocolate mix.


While commercial production is still some time away, the scientists plan to use the excess peanut skins, coffee grounds, and other products that would otherwise go to waste to boost health content in other foods.