Millennial Women’s Secret Erotic Habits Revealed on TikTok

Stop it, I'm blushing!

Remember when everyone made fun of middle-aged women loving the smutty novel and then movies, Fifty Shades of Grey?

Well, a whole new generation of young women online is falling in love with X-rated novels, and the content could make you blush.

TikTok has become a place for influencers to try and sell you their personalities, silly dances, and funny stories, and now it has become a place for women to share their love of written erotica!

Women are sharing their sexual desires via their reading choices on TikTok and even joining social media groups.  One Facebook group has been created called SpicyTok-where women can share book recommendations and give reviews on smut…

On TikTok, the #spicybooks hashtag is prompting hundreds of thousands of desperate housewives and regular women to share sexy book titles…

@angelfreeborn STORYTIME. #steamy #smut #spicy #smuttok #romancebooks #smutbook #viral #trending #fyp ♬ Under The Influence – Chris Brown

There are also posts where people share what they are looking for in a smutty novel, for example, ‘good girl meets bad boy’ or ‘rich girl meets poor guy’.

A sexpert says there are a lot of benefits to this practice!

Women may be drawn to erotic literature because it offers a safe and private space to explore their sexuality without fear of judgment or social stigma. Erotic literature can provide a way to explore sexual fantasies and desires in a way impossible in real-life sexual encounters…