Millennials and Gen Zers Don’t Want To Share Food

Sharing isn’t always caring!

A new survey has found that a third of people don’t think a bill should be split evenly if the meals didn’t cost the same amount.

A survey explored things people struggle with sharing and found that only 26% are willing to share personal information like passwords and text messages.

When it comes to their partner, people revealed that they are likely to share things like clothing (50%) and money (57%), but the same doesn’t always go for food.

Almost 75% of respondents in a relationship said when sitting down for a meal with their partner, what’s theirs is theirs and they won’t share, with millennials the largest demographic sharing this anti-sharing sentiment.

The survey also found that people aren’t willing to let just anyone pick off their plate — a fifth of respondents even said they’d have to know someone for at least six months before they feel comfortable sharing food.

And when eating out with others, 48% of people said someone has tried taking something off their plate without asking — but the same number is guilty of doing the same thing.

Sixty-five percent even said that if someone asked them to try their food, they’d immediately think about not inviting them out the next time.

Similarly, 46% would consider it a dealbreaker if they were on a first date with someone who asked to try their food — especially Gen Z (63%), who see this as a major red flag.

Seven in 10 admitted that ultimately, they reluctantly say “yes” to requests to share food because they don’t know how to say “no.”

While main courses are typically off-limits, 63% of people “always” or “often” order shareable items for the table when eating out.

When sharing with others, people enjoy the benefit of being able to try different foods (35%) and not having to commit to one menu item (19%).