Millennials’ Work Ethic Is being Called Into Question!

They're not wrong!

Millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996, are coming under fire after several recent polls appear to point out flaws within the generation’s work ethic. One new Fortune poll shows that 35% of millennials across North America rely on their parents to pay their bills.

The Younger Millennials in particular argue that the cost of living has spiked over the decades, and inflation is not making paying bills any easier. To make matters worse, obtaining a college degree is becoming increasingly necessary to stay afloat in competitive job markets, but the cost of attending college has also gone up.

And those who are educated and have a job are sometimes mad with money. 

Polls also found that 63% of millennials and Gen Z have experienced feelings of burnout. In addition, many millennials reported not knowing how to accomplish certain tasks that were once expected of adults.

Some of the reported tasks were conducting an oil change, changing a tire, tying a tie, jump-starting a car and sewing a hole. In an increasingly digital and specialized world, many of these “essential” tasks have become not as necessary to know.

The Irony is that Gen Xers were told they were the slacker generation and they are the ones holding the country together.