Millions Of Dog Owners Talk To Their Four-Legged Friends

Because They Are Better Listeners Than People!

It’s totally normal to talk to your dog, but what sort of conversations are you having with them?


Top discussions with dogs include how busy work was, what to wear, and money worries, according to a new study.


Do you talk to your pooch?  If so, You’re not alone as a new survey reveals that 80% of us do.


Our dogs listen to us talk about all sorts of things including, the weather, things which annoy us, and we’ll even tell our dogs our deepest, darkest secrets.


Of those dog owners in a relationship, almost 40% admit that Fido gets more affection than their person.  And over half say that they would happily kick their partner out of bed to make room for the dog.


The study found owners will also chat to their dogs about how much they love them, what food and treats they might want and how sorry they are about leaving the pooch alone.


1.            The weather

2.            Where to go for a walk

3.            How much they love them

4.            Food and treats

5.            How sorry they are to leave it alone for a few hours

6.            General things that have annoyed them

7.            What to have for dinner

8.            How their day was

9.            Their partner

10.          What’s on the TV

11.          What to do that evening

12.          All their secrets

13.          Their insecurities

14.          How busy work is

15.          Things on the news

16.          How irritating a neighbour is

17.          Money worries

18.          What to wear today

19.          Whether an outfit looks good

20.          Sports