Moms of Teens Christmas Wish List

He's cute with the dog, but don't let the pic fool you....He's messy!

This is my first Christmas with a teenager!  Good times!  I’ve noticed a few new habits my 13-year-old has picked up, and they aren’t all awesome!


For Christmas this year, this is my wish list with a teenager in the house!


Clean your room
Bring your cups and plates back to the kitchen
Put your dirty clothes in your laundry basket instead of on the floor or three inches from the basket
Wear a coat when it’s cold
Put down your phone
Watch a movie with me
Go to bed when I tell you- Staying up until midnight on a school night isn’t cool no matter what your friends say on snapchat
Stop looking for food at 10pm when everyone is trying to sleep
Don’t come down in your underpants- it’s not cute anymore
Stop telling me to relax or calm down