More Acorns Are Falling From Trees And Here’s Why!

I'd rather have more nuts than snow!

Do the squirrels in your neighbourhood seem happier than usual this year? It could be because more acorns are dropping.



According to reports, people are seeing more acorns if their areas is experiencing a “mast year” for oak trees. During these years, the trees produce an abundance of nuts.




The acorn mast years can appear random. They don’t happen on a set schedule, though they can come as often as every year or two and they are triggered by winter weather. Walnuts and hickory nuts go through the same process.


Climate change could impact how many acorns we crunch under our feet in the fall.


For example, a mild winter can lead to more acorns for white and red oak trees, since they are able to create seeds for a longer period of time in the spring. If winter or spring frost halts the process, trees could produce few acorns or none at all.