More and More People Are Becoming Early Birds!

And night owls are wondering where the action is…

The early birds are winning.

It may be a new trend for many, but moms have been early birds forever! There’s nothing better than day drinking with your bestie! If you can have a night out and be home and in bed by 10 pm, that’s winning!

It appears that everyone is jumping on board this social practice!

Trendy new restaurants are closing their kitchens at 8 p.m. And movie theatres are swapping late-night screenings for matinees. Hybrid and remote workers itching to leave the house as soon as they close their laptops are fuelling the shift. 

Restaurants are now seating 10% of diners between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., up from 5% in 2019, according to Yelp. Dinner parties are starting as early as 5 p.m.

Uber trips to restaurants in the 4 p.m. hour have increased nearly 10% since 2019, the company says, while rides to restaurants after 8 p.m. are down 9%. 

Even Broadway, in the city that supposedly never sleeps, has moved up curtain times. 

Twenty-somethings used to late-night benders say they have a newfound appreciation for a full night’s sleep.