More Than 1 In 4 Canadian Men Use The Same Razor To Shave Their Face And Below The Belt!

For National Men's Grooming Day on August 19th, Dollar Shave Club asked Canadians to disclose their secret shaving behaviour, including all the 'hairy' habits

Today is National Men’s Grooming Day, August 19th, and Dollar Shave Club commissioned a national survey asking Canadians to throw open the bathroom door and disclose their personal shaving habits, including which private body parts they shave, how they prepare for dates and whether they borrow their romantic partners’ blades without asking permission.

The survey demonstrated that overall, Canadians feel more confident after shaving and over half say they’re more likely to shave below the belt before a date night if they think they may get lucky. 

But almost a quarter admit to having declined to shave below the belt before a date to avoid making a decision they may later regret.

Does the couple that shaves together stay together? The survey found that women are more likely than men to be upset if they found out their partner was using their razor, but they are also more likely to have used their partner’s razor without asking permission first. For their part, nearly 3 in 10 men have used a partner’s razor to groom, with the most popular body parts being the face, balls and neck.


Other findings:

·         Over 1 in 4 Canadian men use the same razor to shave their face and pubic hair.

·         26 percent of women are so confident about shaving their bikini area that they can do it with their eyes closed. That said, 51 percent of them have nicked their bikini line while shaving.

·         71 percent of men have nicked their face while shaving while 44 percent have nicked their balls while shaving.

·         1 in 5 men have had a partner say it would be a dealbreaker if they grew a beard.

·         59 percent of women have had a partner who didn’t clean the sink after shaving.

·         Men are more likely than women to say the thought of getting waxed is scarier than nicking themselves when shaving (51 percent of men vs. 42 percent of women).

About the Survey

The research surveyed 1,500 nationally representative English and French Canadians sourced from the Angus Reid Forum. Responses were gathered July 18-20, 2022.