More Than Half Of Parents Still Ask Kids To Wear Masks In School, Regardless of Easing Restrictions

How comfortable are you with no more masks required in schools?

Seven in 10 parents are still urging their kids to wear masks at school, even while some states are relaxing their COVID-19 policies, according to a new study.


A recent OnePoll survey asked 2,000 Americans (1,000 parents and 1,000 non-parents) about their views on mask mandates, revealing that 73% of parents feel schools should enforce mask usage to keep children and teachers safe as long as the pandemic continues.


Surprisingly, 37% of non-parents don’t think it’s safe enough to end mask mandates in schools versus 28% of parents who feel that way.


This comes after several states, such as New York, California and Oregon, ended indoor mask policies in schools and most public locations.


As of Monday, March 21st, mask mandates will be dropped in schools across Ontario and this has left some parents uneasy!


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According to the survey, 66% of parents believe lawmakers shouldn’t decide whether to keep or remove mask mandates.


Additionally, many respondents expressed that health officials haven’t always been clear when issuing pandemic guidelines.


Six in 10 of all respondents agreed that the COVID guidelines recommended by the Health officers can sometimes be too confusing to understand (62%).


And while 65% of all survey-takers said they couldn’t wait for the day when they didn’t have to wear masks anymore, 47% plan to continue using them even after the pandemic ends.