More than half of people feel uncomfortable sitting anywhere but their unofficial assigned spot at home

Two-thirds of people are obsessed with one thing in their homes- their spot! 

People are so devoted to their spots, that they’ll argue with another family member about sitting in their “spot” twice a month.



Whether it’s at the kitchen table, dad’s recliner, or the family couch – 68% of respondents said they’re very passionate about their “spot.”



Over half of people say that if they sit anywhere else, they feel uncomfortable and unsettled.

Why are people so attached to certain spots?  63% said they associate positive memories with particular areas or pieces of furniture in their home.



During the pandemic, people went to great lengths to make their homes cozier and even up-grading their spot!



Results from the survey showed that the average home has seen three cozy updates over the past year of quarantine – costing the average person $752. Three in 10 of respondents even spent upwards of $1,000 updating their cozy corners.





Bed (51%)

Sofa (51%)

In a chair/recliner (37%)

In the bathtub/shower (22%)

In the backyard (21%)