These Are The Most Boring Things In Life!

Life is boring without Wifi according to a new poll

A new poll looked at the most boring things ever according to people.



Making the top five of most boring things ever include COVID press conferences, video ads you can’t skip, waiting for a website to load and politics.



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Those who take photos of their food and share the images on social media, company meetings, and Coldplay are also considered dull. As is waiting for your partner to get ready, having to put the garbage out, and rice cakes.




Almost half of the people agree that their life is either ‘pretty boring’ or ‘very boring’ with over 70% more determined than ever to have more fun this year.




The research also identified the biggest ‘boredom busters’ – holidays, reading, hobbies, meeting friends, and exercise.


1.            Having no Wi-Fi

2.            Hearing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

3.            Politics

4.            Coronavirus press conferences

5.            Video adverts you can’t skip before a video you actually do want to watch

6.            People taking photos of their food

7.            Accepting ‘Cookies’

8.            Watching golf

9.            Cricket

10.          Junk mail