Most Common Things That People Overthink!

Are you an overthinker?

68% of adults admit that they overthink things most of the time!  A study of 2000 adults found nearly four in 10 get wrapped up in trying to get out of unwanted plans.

Other common things that cause people to overthink includes, worrying about what clothes to wear and why someone hasn’t replied to a text message.


Almost a third of people say they panic that some “office banter” may have been construed in the wrong way.  32% of people overthink financial choices, like how much to spend on a gift and how to ask someone to repay the money they borrowed.


Almost two-thirds of singletons overthink the content on their dating profile, with three in 10 even lying or misrepresenting themselves to seem more attractive both on their profile – and in real life.  When it comes to the matter of the heart people overthink things like;

What kind of impression they are giving to a potential mate.

-What to wear

-whether or not to go for a ‘number two’ at their date’s house 

-Overthinking what to say on a text (the average time it takes to draft a text is 9 minutes)


Top 30 things Brits are most likely to overthink

1. How to get out of a plan you don’t want to go to

2. What clothes to wear to a particular occasion

3. If you are making the right financial choices e.g. savings accounts / investing

4. If your attempt at banter may have caused offence

5. How to ask someone for money they owe you

6. The wording of a text or Whatsapp message from a friend

7. Why someone hasn’t responded to your text message straight away

8. What your friends think of you

9. How much to spend on a gift

10. Why your friend never called you back

11. What to wear on a date

12. How to decorate a room (e.g. what colour it should be)

13. If you are in the right profession/ career

14. How to break up with someone

15. What to order from the menu when out for a meal

16. Why someone didn’t pick up your call

17. If you seemed appreciative enough when you received a gift

18. What to message a love interest

19. What to cook for dinner

20. What food to buy in the supermarket

21. What to watch on Netflix or similar

22. When to first say I Love You to someone

23. What the boss’s email meant

24. Why your boss gave your colleague praise and not you

25. Why your partner paused before responding to a question

26. What your excuse is for being late

27. How much to tip in a restaurant

28. Who to go on a date with

29. Why someone cancelled a meeting

30. If you can have seconds at dinner