Most Dog Owners Confess To Being A ‘Helicopter Parent’ When It Comes To Their Pet!

How over-protective are you?

Six in 10 dog owners admit to caring so much about their pet, they consider themselves a “helicopter parent.”



A new survey found that 91% of dog owners pay close attention to their pup’s needs.



89% of pooch owners are very worried when it comes to the changing of seasons and their pet’s comfort level.

In order to protect their pup from harsher weather, dog owners are most likely to buy them a sweater, winter coat, or rain jacket.



More than four in five treat their dog as a valued member of their family and three in four insist their pup knows how spoiled they are.



We spoil our pets so much that 89% of people say that they cook for them! Two in three even see adding variety to their dog’s diet as a way of pampering them.





  1. Birthdays                                         44%
  2. Coming home from a long trip      22%
  3. Adoption anniversary                      18%
  4. Major life events                             18%
  5. Before leaving for a long trip          16%
  6. I always cook my dog’s food          15%
  7. Pet-sitting                                        12%