Most Owners Don’t Brush Their Dog’s Teeth!

Dental bones are the way to go!

A study has found that most pooches only get their teeth brushed once a month.

About a quarter of dog owners say that their pup doesn’t like getting his teeth brushed and will try and bite the toothbrush, tense up, and even run away.

Pet owners admit to bribing their canines with treats to get the job done.

About 17% say that they brush their dog’s teeth several times a week.

Giving their dog dental chews, brushing with dog toothpaste and using chew toys were the most common ways people cleaned their furry friend’s teeth.

The survey, carried out by OnePoll, shows while some people regularly have their dog’s teeth checked at the vet, 41 percent felt they only needed to take them to the vet about their oral health if it was an obvious problem.

Bleeding gums, bad breath and plaque build-up were the main concerns for those worried.

There are similar comparisons between what people notice when they first look at a dog and look at another person, too. Faces, eyes and teeth were features which people noticed when first spotting a dog.

While the face, eyes and teeth were characteristics people first noticed when they saw another person.