Museums Join OnlyFans To Keep ‘Explicit’ Art From Social Media Censors!

If you need an excuse as to why you have an OnlyFans account- this could be it!

There has been an increased social media crackdown on risqué museum imagery in the past couple of years.



Vienna, Austria’s tourism board has devised a way to circumvent censorship of more explicit artworks — by putting them on OnlyFans.



Their fan page is titled “Vienna Strips” on OnlyFans for just $4.99 per month where culture vultures can view a collection of randy works by artists whose works were previously banned on social media. As the museums note, many of these pieces aren’t sexual in nature.



The move to the subscription service comes amid rampant social media crackdowns on museum accounts, which saw Vienna’s Albertina museum’s TikTok suspended and eventually banned in July.



Meanwhile, Instagram’s content policy claims “nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures” is permitted.



In perhaps the most infamous instance of art censorship, Facebook removed the Natural History Museum of Vienna’s photo of the 25,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf in 2018, as they believed the big-bosomed fertility statue too pornographic.