Music And Drinks That Make You A Better Driver!

My two favourite things!

According to the New York Post, there’s a new study that tried to figure out what made people better drivers. And they found two answers . . .

1.  Drinking strong coffee before you get in the car.

2.  Listening to rap.



Drinking coffee had the biggest impact on people’s driving . . . people who drank coffee before they got in the car stopped an average of 26 yards earlier when they spotted something in the road than people who didn’t drink coffee.



Music made the second-biggest difference . . . and people listening to rap stopped 16 yards earlier than people who weren’t listening to any music.

Believe it or not, the next best thing you can listen to is . . . your kids screaming at you.  As strange as it sounds, people who were driving with kids making noise in the car stopped about 14 yards earlier.



R&B had the worst effect . . . people who were listening to smooth jazz stopped an average of four yards LATER than people listening to nothing.