Name Things You Loved As A Kid, But Hate Now

Birthday parties are a big one!

This is a fun conversation to have right now to distract yourself!  Based on a new viral Reddit thread from the online community that asks “what did you love as a kid, but hate now?”


These things include:


Getting mail!  It was so exciting to receive snail mail when you were younger, but now it doesn’t hold the same excitement!  Remember getting magazine subscriptions or a postcard in the mail?  That was the best! Now 99% of mail whether from snail mail or your inbox are bills or junk.


Sleepovers!  Man, how amazing were those as a kid.  Packing up your sleep bag and pillow and staying up as late as you could in your friend’s basement playing games and watching movies. Now, when you sleepover at a friend’s house, it’s because you got bombed and have no choice.

Certain foods were the best as a kid, but not so much now as an adult. Excessive amounts of frosting, canned pasta like Zoodles and Snapple! 

The thought of having a job was super exciting as a kid, now; well- it’s not fun.



Carnival Rides!  We Used to love them. Now I can’t get on the tilt-a-whirl without getting super sick, one Reddit user said. 

Spinning around in a circle!  As a kid, it was fun to see how many spins you could do before you fell over, now as an adult, being dizzy is never a good sign and is often the result of poor choices.