NCAA Clap Back At Virginia Urologists For Using The Phrase “Vasectomy Mayhem”

It comes down to the uses of the word "Mayhem"

A group of Virginia Urologists is facing a trademark challenge over their use of the term. “Vasectomy Mayhem” by the NCAA, who claim that the phrase too closely resembles its “March Madness” brand.


The Urologists’ use of the term, “Vasectomy Mayhem”, will “result in confusion, mistake or deception with petitioner and/or the goods and services marketed in connection with the NCAA”, according to the NCAA’s lawyer.
The NCAA does have exclusive marketing rights over the term March Madness and several variations, including March Mayhem, Midnight Madness, and even Munch Madness.
It was never a problem originally until the staff started referring to the last 8 patients in the waiting room as the “Sweet 16” or the last 2 patients being called “The Final Four”!