Nearly Half of People Admit, Nobody Knows The ‘Real’ Them

Including their family, friends, and even their own partner!

New research suggests that we wear a ‘virtual mask’ four times a week, feeling the need to hide our true feels from others.


A shocking 64 percent claim they hide how they really feel so regularly that even they sometimes can’t tell who they are.


We tend to hide our true feeling from strangers, co-workers, and friends the most. 


And 24 percent will put a ‘mask’ on in the company of their partner, with almost four in 10 admitting that this has led to arguments about what they are hiding.


The research was commissioned by discovery+ to mark the launch of Michael Jackson: A Faking It Special. 


The study also found that reasons for wearing a ‘mask’ include appearing more confident and ‘save face.’


Sadness and anxiety are the top emotions which people admit to covering up the most and almost a third of people will often hide their anger.




1. To hide fear/anxiety

2. To get through a difficult time

3. To hide negative emotions

4. To appear more confident

5. To avoid ‘rocking the boat’

6. To not feel like an imposition to others

7. To avoid the partner/spouse sensing unhappiness

8. To avoid appearing weak

9. To keep the children/family happy

10. To ‘save face’