Nearly Half Of People Believe This Will Improve, If They Exercise More!

Their Sex Life!

A new study finds that almost half of us find no joy in physical exercise!



The poll asked people about the best and worst part of exercising and found that 50% don’t work out as much as they’d like because they don’t enjoy it!



Some people hate it so much that they’d rather do these things!


Text their ex
Cancel Netflix for a year
Reconnect with their high school bully if it meant never picking up weights again
Spend a long weekend with the in-laws
Hand wash all their dishes for the rest of their lives to avoid breaking a sweat ever again.



What People Enjoy About exercise!


  1. More energy (63%)
  2. More positive attitude (56%)
  3. Better sex life (46%)
  4. Increased job performance (40%)
  5. More willing to try new things (37%)