Nearly Half of the Couples Avoid Difficult Conversations with Their Partner!

Once you stop caring, you're in trouble!

Almost half of the couples avoid having difficult conversations with their partner – due to fearing a negative reaction, wanting to steer clear of discussing anything too sad and preferring to keep things light.

When a serious topic is brought up, however, 42 percent find their partner tries to change the subject. But a third believe their relationship would be strengthened if they opened up.

How to Start A Difficult Conversation!

“Thank you for sitting down with me today and making the time to talk. I really appreciate it.”

Translation: Hey, sit- we need to talk

“I know life can get in the way of communicating properly sometimes. I have missed talking with you openly.”

Translation: I don’t have time to pee let alone talk to you…

“How have you been feeling lately, physically and emotionally?”

Translation: What’s your problem?

“I have been worried recently. I don’t think you’ve been yourself. How do you feel?”

Translation: Why are you ignoring me?

“Do you have any health worries you’d like me to know about?”

Translation: You don’t look good, what’s up?

“Have you been struggling with anything recently? Physically or mentally?”

Translation: You’ve been extra crazy lately!