Nearly Half Of The Young Adults Will Spend More Time At Home On Saturday Nights

New study finds that younger adults have gotten used to making their own drinks!

When asked, only one if five young adults say they will attend the office Christmas party this year if it happens!



Instead, 40 percent are looking forward to cosy nights in or home parties with friends and family. And this figure rises to 49 percent among those aged 18-25.



Those who can’t just come out and say, “I don’t want to go,” will fib and pull a sickie!



It also emerged that many have also become more cost-conscious with 65 percent feeling that nights out have become more expensive than ever before.



A lot of this comes down to drinks.  We’ve spent so much time at home mastering our own beverages, that someone else’s, just won’t do….



The study also found that following the steady return of nightlife, those polled have become more accustomed to the taste of their own cocktails, with 40 percent preferring the taste of their own single or double measures to one made for them in a bar.



Others prefer the flavour of their spirit-based drinks at home as 52 percent claim that concoctions made in bars are ‘too weak’.  And let’s face it, if we do go out, we pre-drink at home first!