Nerf Is Hiring A Chief TikTok Officer!

It’s Nerf or Nothing! My inner pre-teen is drooling!

This is definitely a marketing stunt. But it’s also a real job on the company’s real career site, and you’ll have to submit a real job application and be interviewed.


Show them that you love Nerf, love TikTok and are seriously creative with a good sense of humour and you could score this epic job!


You’ll be expected to create 10–12 TikTok videos per month, meet weekly with Nerf’s marketing team, and must be 18 or older to be hired.


It’s a temporary gig, but it’s a fun one that pays $30K plus you get a massive amount of Nerf products! All you have to do is show Hasbro that you can entice Gen Z to buy their toys!