Netflix Has Raised Their Prices Again

Prices will go up a buck or two depending on your plan…

Netflix has raised their Canadian prices again. The streaming giant says the price for its standard plan, which includes high-definition video and two simultaneous streams, will rise $1.50 to $16.49 per month, while the premium package, with Ultra HD access and four streams, is going up by $2 to $20.99. 


The basic plan with a standard definition video remains unchanged at $9.99.


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The reason prices are going up!


Of Netflix’s 213.5 million subscribers, some 74 million are in the U.S. and Canada. It got an influx of global subscribers early in the pandemic but is investing in video games as it looks beyond movies and TV for growth.


Raising prices carries the risk that people will cancel. Netflix remains the dominant U.S. streaming service, but others, such as HBO Max and Disney+, have increased in popularity.