Netflix Released ‘Harry & Meghan’ Documentary Today

What really happened with Harry and his royal family?

We’ll find out today as Netflix releases the first three episodes of the documentary about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The doc suggests that Harry will deliver more embarrassing news against King Charlies and his older brother Prince William.

Neither Buckingham Palace nor William’s office Kensington Palace are commenting before the release.

While this might seem like a very fascinating story in North America, on the other side of the pond, the documentary has dominated British newspapers for week with the bulk overwhelmingly negative about the couple- even suggesting that they’re making millions from their royal status. One UK publication calling the documentary an ‘act of war.’

Since quitting their royal roles, the Sussexes have gone on the attack against the press. They have cut ties with Britain’s four biggest tabloids and successfully sued a number of publications, with further legal action pending.

Ultimately, how the documentary is seen will come down to the viewers. Polls indicate the majority of older people in Britain strongly dislike the couple, while younger Britons are much more sympathetic. Commuters in London suggested the family’s woes would be better sorted out behind closed doors.

Whatever you thoughts are on the Royal Family, this documentary will end up on the ‘Most-streamed’ list!