New Agreement needs Overtime

Negotiators will return to the table September 5th to hammer out NAFTA replacement

Negotiations for a new NAFTA replacement agreement will resume Wednesday.

Canadian and United States officials have agreed to return to the table September 5th after a week of tense negotiations in Washington and comments from U.S. President Donald Trump suggesting he is unwilling to compromise on a deal.

Trump has notified Congress that his government intends to sign a trade agreement “with Mexico — and Canada, if it is willing — 90 days from now.”

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland told reporters she’s optimistic a deal is still within reach, but “we’re not there yet.”

Freeland went onto says Canada is making progress but “will only sign a new agreement if it benefits Canada and Canadians.”

Sources indicate the sticking points include Chapter 19 of NAFTA, which contains a dispute-resolution process, and supply management. Canada is determined to keep the process while the United States wants to scrap.