New AI Can Tell You If A Date Will ‘Smash or Pass’ Based On Vital Signs

Do we really need AI for this?

There is an artificial intelligence that is now able to inform you how well a date went by measuring a person’s sweat, breathing patterns and heart rate.

A study was done and published and it’s the first of its kind to “tell if you’re a bore” based solely on vital signs…

Engineers at the University of Cincinnati trained a computer using data from wearable technology to be able to identify the kind of conversation two people are having based on their physiological responses.

Basically in the study with 16 pairs of participants, AI was able to determine between four different conversation scenarios with a 75% accuracy rate — even when the conversation was occurring virtually over Zoom.

The results rely on the phenomenon known as “physiological synchrony,” which can show how engaged people are by how their heart rate, respiration rate and perspiration rates all align.

So this AI will tell you if a date went well based on your heart rate and how much you sweat!