Dating Apps Make It Harder To Find Love Says New Study!

A new study suggests people should swipe left on dating apps.

New research found that dating apps could do more harm than good in people’s search for love.

A new study found that those on dating apps are exposed to so many profiles that it can lead to feelings of self-doubt and that excessive swiping leads to “compulsive behaviour.”

Excessive swiping is damaging say the researchers.

Many app users admitted they rarely go on in-person dates with people they match with — or even resist messaging them — which keeps the dating process completely online and has a lack of actual communication.

The study found that using dating apps moderately does not affect the three emotional factors, however, researchers believe that more swiping, apps and profiles do more harm than good.

So basically, the more you swipe right, the more overwhelmed you become.

Getting a match can boost confidence and make a person dream about a future relationship — but researchers warn that online dating can turn into something addictive since matches are gratifying and reward frequent use.

“People do not stop searching as soon as they have found a sufficing option, they try to maximize their gains which requires extensive searching,” the authors said. “When exposed to hundreds of profiles, users report they feel like having to screen all options and sort out unsuitable ones.”