New App Helps Kids Choose Healthier Snacks!

Quarantine 15 doesn’t just apply to adults

Now that Ontario is back in lockdown, kids overeating, snacking on sweets and not doing much physical activity have become a problem once again.



New figures show two-thirds of parents gave children sweeter and fattier treats during the lockdown, fuelling a weight gain epidemic.



But there is a new app that can help both kids and parents get back on track!



The free app previously gave nutritional information on food, but from today it also offers swap suggestions.



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A survey on parenting site Netmums found two-thirds of members often worry about how healthy their children’s snacks are — and nearly 90 percent said they needed help to make better choices.



This new app helps kids plan fun physical activities, gives fun food facts and also offers recipes… The app also includes a food scanner to help kids know what they are about to eat.