Choose wisely!

The baby name site Nameberry went through its internal data to predict trends for 2023.  Here’s a fun one:  Naming your daughter after your great-GRANDFATHER might become a thing.  (???)

Old man names for girls are starting to trend.  People aren’t even adjusting them.  They’re just like, “Wouldn’t OTTO be a great name for a girl?”  (???)  A few they think could be popular next year include Max, Ira, Lenny, Ozzie, Rudy, Arlo, Clarke, Gene, Jasper, Ray, Murphy, Teddy, and Lou.

Here are a few more baby name trends that could take off next year.

1.  Adjective names.  A few they’ve seen a rise in the rankings include Brave, Epic, Glorious, Icy, Sincere, Supreme, Wild, Heavenly, Savvy, Legendary, as a boy’s name, and Powerful, as a girl’s name.

2.  Epic “maximalist” names.  Like ones you’d expect to see in “House of the Dragon” or “Game of Thrones”, but not in real life.  Examples include Lysander, Octavius, Perseus, and Valerian.

3.  Cowboy names.  They’re trending for boys because of all the new western shows like “Yellowstone”.  A few that could jump in the rankings next year include Abbott, Boone, Briggs, Dutton, Huck, Rhett, and Tex.

4.  Four-letter names that end in the letter “i”.  For girls:  Gigi, Joni, Kiki, Leni, Nori, and Mimi.  For boys:  Ravi, Tavi, Indi, and Ezri.

5.  Names with the letter “x”.  For boys:  Bronx, Felix, Hendrix, Fox, Rex, Ajax, and Huxley.  For girls:  Pixie, Trixie, Moxie, and Jinx.

6.  Blue-green names:  Emerald, Forest, Indigo, Azure, Cyan, Cerulean,  Navy, and Ocean.

7.  Names that are so out of style, they’re cool again:  Eddie, Hank, Jeanie, Marcie, Sandy, Sonny, Ferris, Dustin, and Todd.