New Bracelet Lets The World Know That You’re Vaccinated!

This will be super handy for younger kids!

Ontario introduced its QR code to residence last week, making it a little easier to show proof that you are vaccinated.



If you’ve been vaccinated, whipping out your official receipt on your phone or paper has become as normal as, well, putting on a mask. 



But if you want to make things a little easier on yourself and your kids, wearing the innovative ImmunaBand Vaccination Band can let the world know you’re protected and ready to get back to life.



Similar to how you’d flash your special bracelet to get backstage at a concert, this vaccination band lets restaurants, stores, and friends know that you’re vaccinated within seconds. It’s also a great way for employers to know their staff is vaccinated or students who want to show their teachers that they’re protected. Each bracelet boasts a unique QR code that anyone can scan to see your vaccination status.

Featured on CNN, Yahoo! Finance, The Washington Post, and more, the ImmunaBand is making a real splash and proving to be an effective way to display your immunization status when it matters most.



Getting your information connected to the ImmunaBand is easy. Once you receive your band, open a camera on any mobile device, take a picture of the QR code on the bracelet, and click the link that appears on the screen. Finally, enter your PIN number and view your CDC vaccination card. It’s that simple!