New Dyson Headphones’ Are not only noise-cancelling, but come paired with an air purifier for your face!

Is this for real?

Known for their incredible vacuums and extremely expensive hairdryers, Dyson has something new for us to try!


It’s called the Dyson Zone!  Catchy name! The Dyson Zone is as crazy as it looks. It blends a sturdy pair of headphones combined with a vizor that crosses over the mouth. This unusual combination means the air you breathe will be purified while you’re on the move, with the added luxury of blocking out the noise of the real world.


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The company says the headphones purify airflow to the nose and mouth using carbon filters, for city fumes and come equipped with electrostatic filters that can remove 99 percent of particulates as small as 0.1 microns.


No price has been given yet!  The new product will be on sale this fall in the UK.