New Guides Created To Let You Know Where In The World You Can Sunbathe Nude!

Swimwear Brand, Pour Moi found which states and countries allow nudity

Swimwear and lingerie brand Pour Moi recently released two sunbathing guides – one for the world and one for the U.S. – to help people decide which countries allow nude or topless sunbathing.



According to the U.S. map,  only four states have strict restrictions on public nudity of any kind: Utah, Indiana, Tennessee, and South Carolina.



39 countries allow nudity or toplessness, while 29 – including the U.S. –are more ambiguous and have some places that allow topless sunbathing.


The countries that allow nudity – even just in specific places – include a variety of places including Canada,  Brazil, Spain, Japan, Australia, and Sweden. However, each country has its own rules and regulations surrounding nudity.



The top five countries that searched “nudist beaches,” “nudist resorts” and “sunbathe nude” the most included Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the U.S., and Canada, according to Pour Moi.



If you’re looking to go nude a little closer to home this year, Simcoe County doesn’t have many options.   But I did find a list of places you can go nearby!


Where you can go topless near Simcoe County!