New Gym Leggings Will Shock You Are You As You Workout!

Leggings are electrically charged to make you fit — by shocking your muscles

These leggings could be a shocking addition to your workout routine.

A biotech company specializing in anti-aging life-care solutions has designed workout leggings that shock you as you exercise. Supposedly, this is a good thing. They look like any other leggings and match the comfort and fit of regular clothes. “The We-Stim Leggings” are designed to enhance health at the most fundamental level, say the designers!


The human body naturally produces “subtle electric fields,” the We-Stim leggings have non-skin-touching conductive materials that utilize the energy produced during physical activity.

Cells in the body are specialized to conduct electrical currents, as electricity allows the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, permitting us to move, think and feel, according to the University of Maryland’s The Grad Gazette.

Combined with energy produced by the active human body, elements such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium have a charge to generate enough electricity to create a micro-current that stimulates the targeted muscles, offering numerous health benefits, such as muscle stimulation and recovery.

Bodily movement while working out is translated through the leggings into electrical stimulation, which rejuvenates muscles, boosts athletic performance, aids muscle recovery and reduces fatigue.