New Moms Google This Many Times Daily with Parenting Questions

So many worries every day, and it never stops!

From diaper rash to sleeplessness — the average American parent worries about their baby 2,153 times within the first year.


A new survey polled 2,000 U.S. parents of a child aged 0–2 analyzed the ups and downs of their baby’s first year and found parents worry about their baby six times each day.


These worries come from a good place, however, as 62% of parents said they often or always consider how their decisions now will impact their baby’s future.


The average parent spends over 1,600 hours holding their newborn, has 77 sleepless nights and makes on average, 56 phone calls to their own parents and 67 to medical experts in that first year.


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the survey also found that new parents make over 2,000 Google searches a year for queries – that’s an average of six searches a day.


The top-Googled topics included how to take care of skin conditions and information on which baby products and brands are recommended by experts.


Other searches included feeding-related questions, why their baby is crying and why their baby isn’t sleeping.