Moms Are Blasting Music In Their Cars While Driving Around Just To Get Away!

According to a new survey by Spotify!

Moments of quiet for many moms are few and far between as lockdown orders are leading to some serious cabin fever.  With that, more and more moms are taking car rides, blasting music by themselves to just get a few minutes alone.  A survey by Spotify reveals the details and was shared with

The survey was conducted using 3,000 moms in Australia, Canada and the United States to find out how moms are feeling during this pandemic and how music plays an important part in helping them escape. 


34% of moms said that they have driven around with no kids with no destination in mind, while listening to their favourite music just to get a minute to themselves…

67% of moms say they are trying to take things one day at a time.

30% of moms said that their current mood is “frustrated.”

30% of moms say that they are “anxious.”

35% of moms said they have cried along to a song in the last month.

The survey also found that those moms who want to listen to their favourite music do so;

By heading to their bedroom- 34%

By going on a long walk-30%

53% of moms says they have used music in the past month to escape and to drown out their families.




Chain of Fools- Aretha Franklin

Breakin’ dishes- Rihanna

You don’t own me -Leslie Gore

Jerk- Kim Stockwood

Are you happy now- Michelle Branch

Wouldn’t It be Good- Nic Kershaw

Tangled-Jane Wiedlin

It must have been love- Roxette