New Research Shows That A Quarter Of People Have Never Gone A Day Without Their Dog!

A new survey wanted to find out just how important fur babies are to their humans.

In a previous study, 62% of people revealed that they tell all their secrets to their pets instead of people.


What respondents love most about their pets is their loyalty, which is why most (88%) believe having them by their side makes their life feel more complete.


For a quarter (24%), they have never gone a day without their pet by their side, and 72% feel depressed without them.


People love their dogs so much that the average person won’t part with them for more than a week.  And if and when they take a trip, most prefer to leave the dog with a close family member.


Over 80% of people say that their pet has taught them to be better and a more responsible person!



People say that their pet is always there for them!




  1. Moving into a new home 40%
  2. Getting a new job 34%
  3. Getting into a relationship 34%
  4. Experiencing a breakup 25%
  5. Losing a job 23%
  6. Living on my own 23%
  7. Getting married 22%
  8. Having a baby 21%
  9. Getting engaged 19%
  10. Getting a promotion 18%