New Study Finds That Over A Quarter Of People Put Off Making Decisions!

Decision-making can make people very anxious and stressed out!

As a result, we’re a nation of procrastinators, and new research confirms that we prefer to put off important decisions.



42% of us believe we’re being asked to make more decisions than ever before.



Nearly a quarter of those surveyed will now delay decisions about their health, 21% will do so about their social lives and 18% will do this over money.

Also, a third of us now mull over choices for longer than we did pre-pandemic.



Less than a quarter of adults consider themselves as decisive, and more than half say indecision causes them to delay necessary action – or put it off completely.



This might mean we’re missing out on things. FOMO!



Over a third of us are losing sleep over making the ‘wrong’ decision and 40% would doubt themselves on a decision they were confident in if someone else questioned them.