New Study Finds That Single People Are Not How Hollywood Glamorously Depicts…

Instead, they’re happily home and alone.

Researchers from the University of Toronto have found that folks rolling solo aren’t spending evenings on the town, mixing and mingling in the hopes of finding true love.

Instead, they’re happily home and alone. 

Hollywood depicts singles as living their best lives with glitzy girls’ night outs and weekends spent on quick trips or just lounging in a park-waiting for Mr. Or Mrs., right to come along…


The research determined that most singletons are introverts — shy, reticent folks who prefer enjoying their own company to socializing with others. 

The findings revealed that many real-life loners are actually living their best lives despite the fabulously full dance cards of singles on silver screens. 

The study debunks the misleading stereotype of singles being miserable on their own…

“While on average people in relationships are more satisfied with their lives than single people, there are many happy singles — relationships don’t play as big of a role in one’s overall life satisfaction as you may think.”  The study’s author explains… “We found that personality, more than relationship status, determines who is happy with their life and who isn’t.”

If a single does find a mate, researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder found that lovebirds with similar personality traits were likely to stay linked.