New Study Finds That Trained Dogs Can Sniff Out Coronavirus In Armpits!

Dogs are amazing!

A French study was done by the National Veterinary School in Alfort to determine if trained dogs can differentiate the odour of sweat produced by COVID-19 persons versus non-COVID-19 persons.


These are the same breed of dogs that are trained to already recognize the scent of Cancer, malaria and Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Claire Guest, owner of the charity is confident that the dogs could detect COVID-19.

‘This would be fast, effective, and non-invasive and make sure the limited NHS testing resources are only used where they are really needed,’ said Dr. Guest. 


According to, the new research trained 18 dogs, including eight Belgian Malinois shepherd dogs, on three different sights. The sniffed samples of the armpits from 360 participants, both infected and non-infected by the novel coronavirus with a success rate between 83% and 100%.


Previous studies have already proven that dog’s nose are about 100 million times more sensitive than a human’s as they can detect severe bacterial disease and even weak thermal radiation.