New Study Finds That Women Get More Depressed As A Romantic Relationship Progresses

This explains a lot!

A new study has found that as a romantic relationship progresses, women become more depressed and less satisfied than men.


The findings were published in the June 2021 issue of the Journal of Family Psychology.


The study wanted to look at how individual’s feelings about themselves and their lives changed over the course of a relationship.


The men and women in the study were asked to report on their self-esteem, satisfaction with their lives, and any depressive symptoms at four points. These stages included the beginning of the first partnership, a year before the first partnership ended, a year after the second partnership began, and as it was progressing. At each point, the research found women felt worse than their male companions.  


The study basically found that in all relationships, women eventually suffer the most from depression and a drop in confidence.


The study found that those who were married were no happier or less depressed compared to those just living together.


This research shows that real people in relationships can feel worse over time and a partnership cannot protect them from that.


The moral of the story, society seems to have a fascination with romance and many see it as a gateway to happiness.


So if you’re looking for happiness, a relationship may not be the answer!