New Study Says That Big Manly Beards Evolved So We Could Take A Punch To The Head!

It’s jaw dropping!

Some women and men love the big bushy beard, finding it very sexy.  But there is now another reason for men to feel more confident with all that facial hair.


New research says that lots of facial hair might have evolved to help men absorb blows to the head by other angry fighting humans.


The findings are from several research projects on human resilience.  Part of the study included human’s ability to take a face punch and human hands used as weapons.


The study found that those fully furred humans were capable of absorbing more force than those who didn’t have a beard.

Just so you know, no actual humans were clocked in the name of science- epoxy composite skulls were used and weights were dropped on the chin to measure the source!


Researchers concluded that the beard may function similarly to the mane of a lion or a baboon, “serving to protect vital areas like the throat and jaw from lethal attacks” during a fight.