New Study Shows That Women Don’t Take Care Of Their Skin From The Chin Down!

Skincare routines are a pain in the neck, literally!

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According to a new study, women will spend more time caring for their face, but less time from the neck down.


On average, women are spending about 30 minutes each week on skincare on their face, but less than five minutes everywhere else.


The study was commissioned by Gillette Venus (probably because sales of razors are down)  and found that women place the most importance on how their face looks.


The study finds that if women invested a little more time in skincare from the neck down, they would encounter fewer issues on their bodies.


The other thing Venus studied were the misconceptions held by women around bodily shaving. They found that 71% of women feel there’s a link between dry, irritated skin and shaving too often.

But only 16% regularly replace the razor blades… While women mostly agree that the razor blade should be changed often, only 23% actually change up the blade every few months.


Venus says there are ways to minimize sensitivity caused by shaving, by using shaving creams, pre, and post!


29% of women don’t believe that shaving cream is necessary, instead, they think that using soap and water is enough.