New Study Suggests That Ozempic May Help Smokers and Accessive Shoppers!

This may just be a wonder drug!

Patients taking the weight-loss drug Wegovy or Ozempic are reporting an unusual added benefit — they are free from other addictions that used to rule their lives.

Some users claim their cravings for cigarettes and alcohol became less intense when they started taking the slimming injection. Others say bad habits like biting their nails, picking their skin and compulsive shopping also disappeared.

The drug has been on the market for those who suffer from diabetes, however; recently the drug has been used for weight loss and made popular by celebrities.

The drug helps people lose weight by mimicking the GLP-1 hormone, which curbs hunger and slows the rate at which a person’s stomach empties, leaving them feeling fuller for longer.


But experts say it may also dull the brain’s dopamine reward pathway, reducing the chemical hit and thus the ‘feel good’ element of giving in to unhealthy cravings.