New TikTok Trend Has People Trying To Blow Out Candles Through Panty Hose!

Just stop it!

So one person puts the hose over their head while the other person holds it tight as the person tries to blow out a candle- Brilliant?

@kyliemurray15 lmk tiktok… who did it best? stay tuned for a part two … #candleblowingchallenge #pantyhose #familydinnershennanigans ♬ original sound – Kyliemurray15

The “pantyhose-candle challenge” is stupid AND fun, which is why it’s all over TikTok.  You pull a pair of pantyhose over your head and then try to blow out a candle.  The funniest part is how silly your face looks smashed inside the nylons.


♬ original sound – Kyliemurray15

Here’s a husband and wife trying it.  These women are having a blast.  And this couple made a mini movie out of it.