New Way To Detect COVID, By Screaming!

It's less invasive and kind of fun!

Screaming booths have been around for a few years, used to help people let out their frustrations!  But now, there’s a new purpose!

A Dutch inventor in Amsterdam has come up with a screaming booth that can detect the virus that causes COVID-19.

Someone can get in the soundproof booth and scream, then the “tens of thousands” of particles left in the air are collected by an industrial air purifier and tested for the virus.

Inventor Peter van Wees is still testing the booth to see how accurate the test may be.


Reuters reports:

Spokesman Geert Westerhuis of the Netherlands’ National Institute for Health (RIVM), which is not involved in the project, said it is looking at an array of testing strategies and would welcome a fast, functioning test that was highly accurate.

But “how this apparatus works — we can’t estimate it because we know too little about it,” he said.


The people screaming say it’s super therapeutic. Sounds a heck of a lot better than that anal swap test in China.