New York Times Nanaimo Bar Post Sparks Online Debate

People argue about disproportionate ratio of base to middle layers.

One of Canada’s most famous desserts has been making headlines because of a friendly debate.

Nanaimo bars were recently featured on the New York Times online cooking page and the image featured in the Instagram post has been questioned for its authenticity. There was a very noticeable disproportionate ratio of the base layer compared to the middle custard icing layer. The friendly debate had 600 comments on the post in just two days. Many wondered why the nut base layer was so thick while the middle custard layer was so thin.

Canadians are passionate about their Nanaimo bars, myself included. My family and I make my grandma’s classic recipe and we’re always trying to figure out how much graham cracker crust (we use graham crackers as the bottom layer as opposed to nuts) there should be in comparison to the custard (middle) and chocolate (top) layers. I actually agree with the NYT post; the base layer should be the thickest because its the best layer!

Nanaimo bars originated in Nanaimo, BC, hence the name.

What are your thoughts on the layer ratio of Nanaimo bars?